Who’s smarter: Democrats or Republicans?

I’ve heard it a million times. The members of one or another American political party are ignorant, they’re fools! I decided to use Sector’s Partisan Voting Index and Sector’s Education Index to investigate the question: do education levels correlate to membership in the Republican or Democratic parties?

I used the Congressional District as our unit of measurement and found the raw Sector Education Index scores. Sector Education Index scores are centered around 100, with higher numbers representing higher average levels of education. The scores ranged from 131.0 for New York’s 14th congressional district to 75.7 for Texas’s 29th congressional district.

Next, I took our Partisanship Voting Index raw data, and scaled it so that it ranged from 136.0 for the most Republican-leaning district in the country Texas’s 13th congressional district down to 73.1 for the most Democrat-leaning district in the country New York’s 15th congressional district

Given this data, I examined the strength of the relationship between Education and Party Leanings.

So who has the the better education: Republicans or Democrats?

It’s a tie.

Partisanship versus Education by Congressional District

The correlation between education and party leaning is statistically insignificant. Chalk one more up for the Journal of Null Results.

note: yes, I know that intelligence and educational attainment aren’t fungible. ‘Who has a higher level of educational attainment: Democrats or Republicans?’ makes for a ridiculously boring headline, so I took some editorial liberties.

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